Our Italian Lovely Houses

S. Marinella


Why choosing our houses? We are a couple who loves beauty, who cares about details, and we look for romantic places where you can spend unforgettable moments in Italy.
Three houses extremely different one from the other, one in the very centre of Italy, in a mediaeval small town, with small houses made of ancient bricks and handmade ceramics, Another one with breathtaking Seaview where you can rest listening to the sound of the waves and in absolute peace, and the last one in the heart of an island with an ancient history enriched by amazing architecture, in the deep warm Italian pearl, Sicily!

We make sure our houses are perfect, you won't need to worry about anything else but taking with you your clothes and the toilet necessities. You will always find assistance for any need you should have, where to go, what to do, and what to see . We also have some restaurants who give our guests discounts, we have available babysitters, cooks, even someone who comes home and cooks for you. We have also found people extremely reliable who can buy for you the best food at the local markets if you want to try and cook our lovely Italian meals! Whatever is the need of our guests we will do our best to have it satisfied.

The holidays in our houses will be with peace of mind, no worries, cuddled in magic places.